Monday, March 29, 2010

A good week

Last week, I did not live up to my writing intentions. 

This week, I just might.  I really want to.

This week also has a few other good things to offer:

1. I will be able to watch my beloved Boston Red Sox on my local sports station, playing against the Washington Nationals.  I don't get every game they play in this neck of the beach, because I can't get NESN, the home station in Boston.  And I am not going to get dish tv or whatever, or join computer viewing, etc... if I'm going to pay, I'd rather be at the game...But yay!  Saturday!  Red Sox!  I mean it's not like I'm a crazy fan, I just love them. 

2. Somebody special has a birthday coming up on April Fool's Day.  You can read about this then...tune in Thursday!

3. The Easter Bunny is coming on Sunday!  Jelly beans!  Chocolate!  And Italian cream pies!  Grandma's annual specialty...I like the chocolate cream pie the best...

4.  Friday, April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day.

Today is all about the boom-boom rumbling thunder all night long, the pummelling rain, the late school bus and one soaking wet kid sent to school. I really want to get a few things done, but I may be joining Toots for a goood relaxation on the sofa with PBS kids...gotta love what a low pressure system does for motivation...


  1. sounds like a wonderful week! i love baseball on TV too. braves fan from way back. i even got a job offer from them right out of college but i had to turn it down when i realized i simply could not live on 12K a year in atlanta.

  2. my parents are huge braves fans! my mother grew up with her father taking her to the braves triple a league games!


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