Thursday, March 25, 2010

Procrastination station

I really had good intentions when I set out earlier this week to work on my children's novel in progress's current draft. 

Really I did.

Then I had a variety of appointments for myself and for Toots, and bass lessons for Mr. Cynic, and, oh nope, I pulled Captain Comic from Taekwando for my convalescence months of February and March, so no excuse there.  And then the sun came out, and I had a book to finish reading, and with family in one car mode, I was driving Honey to work, and then I putzed around getting rid of the Lucy in the snow picture above, and then I had to get a new spring photo up, which meant I had to go take spring photos and the sun came out and the urge to garden became overwhelming and... aw forget it. 

I didn't really dig into the manuscript as intended.

When Toots naps today, I will.  Promise.  I mean, it's only Thursday, right? I can make up the hours I skipped earlier in the week before the week ends, right? 

Knock, knock?  Anybody there? 


  1. That's how it happens, isn't? But there is always next week, and you'll get there with it. I know you will.

  2. ah, thanks for the support, kate!


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