Thursday, March 11, 2010


The oldest and youngest of my parents' grandchildren and the only girls.  They are 18 years apart and between them are five boys.
York River Beach 3.10.2010

My parents and niece pulled out of the driveway this morning from their very relaxed visit with us.  We did get out one day, yesterday, when I showed them where the boys go to school, and took them up to the historic district for a little touristy action. 

We had one beautiful day of sunshine, which was spent sitting out back and playing around on the trampoline, etc.  I got a sunburn.  Yay!  Sunburns on me are brown the next day. 

We had a lot of fun, mostly just hanging around the house and eating lots of sweets.  A few political 'discussions', a few remembrances of things past...

Time for me to go lie down.


  1. sounds like a perfect family visit. and sunburn!! Hooray - spring is here!

  2. thanks, yes, it was nice....

  3. oh how delightful it must be to live near a beach! we live smack in the middle of the country, equally far from any coast!

  4. aimee, i grew up in a beach town. this is actually a river beach, but it feeds into chesapeake bay and the atlantic, so it's a wee salty. i could never live where i can't smell the sea or at least be in driving distance. (I did live in the hill country in MA for a long time.) though i do find the middle of the country to be stunningly beautiful in it's own ways. big sky and all...

  5. ack, remove the apostrophe from the possessive its in that last xomment, please.


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