Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Not feeling very chatty lately, how unusual.

I've noticed I have short posts lately.  I really want to be editing my manuscript, and haven't had a whole lot to say, anyway.  I mean around here is the usual mayhem, but I'm feeling quieter about it apparently. 

Although, this morning, Toots proclaimed , "Oh Sh*t!" repeatedly as Honey headed off to work today, which has been rather stressful of late. Developmental milestone met in a very appropriate manner, even if it wasn't an appropriate thing for her to say.  Still she was very cute about it.  Even when she's tantruming, this kid is adorable.  Makes it difficult to ever feel particularly disciplinary re: her.

And now I feel I must apologize to Mr. Cynic for his early years...jeez, no wonder the kid has such a 'tude.  (kidding!)

So today, my goal, and it's a small one, because I never have time to myself at home,  my editing is going to happen for the thirty minutes I sit outside Mr. Cynic's bass lesson.  In the car.  Blissfully alone with my manuscript and a purple pen. 

But in the hours between now and then, I shall regale you with the following tale of the weekend.

Grandma noticed some mysterious broken glass on the deck, and swept it up.  We thought, we inquired, and among three adults and three kids, no one admitted culpability for the mysterious broken glass appearance upon our deck. 

Deductive reasoning concluded it must have been Captain Comic, but how?  and why? and what were the origins of the broken glass?

In search of the truth of the matter and in an attempt to solve this mystery, I called the young likely perpetrator to me.  He declined any knowledge of broken glass, even when I asked for the truth, the whole truth, so help you...and even after stick a needle in your eye.  He maintained his innocence - even after being sent to his room until such time as he was ready to speak the truth, which included the inevitable lost viewing of AFV.

I confronted him again later in an attempt to allow him to come clean. 

"Kiddo, C'mon.  Who else can it be? The evidence laid two floors below your bedroom window.  If you broke something by accident, it's okay.  Lying is not okay."


"No buts.  Tell me the really real truth."

Captain Comic heaved a sigh of guilt brought about under duress.  He caved. "Okay.  Here's the deal.  It was an accident I swear. And I was afraid I'd get in trouble if I told the truth."

"The truth shall set you free.  Lies are always a bad idea and get you into more trouble, right?"

"I guess so."  He was contrite.  His eyes pleaded innocence for the accident.

"So what happened?"

"I swear, I was just trying to turn the ceiling light on, and when I jumped up to pull the chain, my finger hit it, and it flew, I mean flew...and hit the glass globe on the ceiling fan and broke a hole in the glass."

"Now why did you throw it out the window onto the deck?  That broken glass is dangerous for any of us, you know, especially Toots."

"I didn't want to get in trouble."

"Next time, just be honest, okay?"


"And remember, if you try to get rid of evidence by throwing it out your window, it just lands on the deck where we'll all see it.  If we don't hear the crash."  I laughed.  He laughed, realizing how dumb that decision actually was. 

I mean, at least when I threw the evidence out my bedroom window when I was a kid, it was on the side of the house we rarely walked around...


  1. Too funny about the glass! Out of sight out of mind, I suppose.... hope you enjoy your blissful time with the purple pen.


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