Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday threes

Three days to Nanowrimo. Three kids for Halloween in two days. Two on the neighborhood loot journey, one to scare the the trick or treaters at home.

S has decided to be a classic cartoon criminal, complete with black and white striped shirt and swag bag with sharpie'd dollar sign. Should have seen what it took to find a black and white striped shirt.....

Honey's old nickname and costume of preference is El Diablo, so Baby C is going to be a little devil. Really, she is anyway of late, we're just dressing her for the part. Horns and all.

Another year, I'll get all woo-woo on you with my love of the Day of the Dead, All Hallows, Halloween, Samhain, and everything of the Crossroads. This year I'm too busy wrapping up book one edits in prep for book two in Nanowrimo.


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