Thursday, October 1, 2009

Should I be concerned?

Dinner conversation

S rats out Honey for giving him forbidden pepperoni pizza the other day when they were returning from their jaunt at the model train show.

K: Oh, you are so getting shanked in prison, snitch!
S: What's snitch?
Mom: It's tattling and you are not going to prison.
S (completely ignoring mom): What's shank?
K: Homemade prison weapons used for stabbing. They're made from sharpened plastic utensils, scraps of metal, usually sharpened screwdrivers, pens, pencils....

In the meantime, Honey is still sshhhhing and shaking his head. Then recounts the time S snitched on him teaching the boys to drive his car when they were five and eight, long before we got married....

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