Monday, October 12, 2009

Couples Retreat, the movie

Boy do I feel guilty. Saturday, Honey and I ran errands with the girl, and left the guys with Mil early in the afternoon, then I talked Honey into a dinner and movie date night. That takes a lot of convincing, believe you me. So we decided on an early dinner then the 7:30 showing of Couples Retreat. Of course this means, we dumped all the kids on Mil for the night, too. We left at 4:30, ate and got dessert. We haven't had a dinner date in so long we couldn't figure out where to sit without having to separate K and S, pin S into the booth and fit C in a high chair on the end and figure out who of the three adults gets stuck next to K or S to run interference. We got a glass of wine, a beer and dessert (beware the peanut butter cup at Uno's - it is pure evil incarnate and delish). Big money night. We had time left over to buy a tube of toothpaste at Kmart, look at toddler Halloween costumes and still had time left over to wait in the car outside the theater. So I feel guilty about dumping kids on Mil effectively all day. But it was worth it. And she got to cuddle with C at night for bedtime, which she really wants to do.

But if this is a movie review I have to get to it. And I want to because if you are married, especially with young children, you will LOVE this movie. It is hissafreakinsterical! I haven't laughed that much in a movie theater since I honestly can't remember. This is a pee your pants funny movie! And besides the humor, the movie is well written by Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn. Vince Vaughn is all over this movie, from production to acting. I'll tell you, it's a good thing I didn't meet him before I married Honey, because, that whole thing about making a girl laugh will make her fall in love with you definitely applies to me. I know, like I'd have a chance in a pig sty with Vince Vaughn.

I don't know how to tell you about the different couples and their relationships without giving too much away. Favreau and Kristin Davis were spot on for the married young - get me out of here couple. Faizon Love was so funny and sweet, and Kali Hawk as his little girlfriend was a hoot. Kristin Bell and Jason Bateman as the uptight couple nailed it so much I wanted to smack him in the head, which is saying a lot because I have such a crush for years on him, even though he tends to play the guy you want to smack upside the head in recent roles (Juno). Vince Vaughn and Malin Akerman renewed my faith in my own marriage. Sure we get on each other's nerves, fight, avoid each other, get too caught up in the everyday of life with kids, but when we stop and really see where we are and who is standing there with each other, it's all good.

And in there just for giggles is a duel so epic, it will remind you of every old Western and Bruce Lee movie. It's a laugh riot.

Keep an eye on the little blond kid and mark my words: we're going to see big things from him. He is a comedic natural. I am still laughing about his final scene. That kid has got It. Colin Baiocchi - remember that name.

Oh and keep your eye out for Papa Vernon Vaughn as Grandpa Jim Jim. You can see the humor tree from which Vince fell.

One note: don't take your kids. I saw what looked like an eight year old come in with his mother and teen sister. This movie is very risque for a PG-13. No nudity, but there's not much doubled about the entendre throughout. The theme is trying to make marriages work, and there is a lot of sexual content, very funny sexual content, but not for a kid. I wouldn't want to sit next to my kids for this one.

Go see it, it's a really good time. Parents, get the sitter, call grandma, whatever it takes, and have a date night to see this movie.

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