Monday, October 19, 2009


I must listen to my creative instincts, which have been gathering, and take this week to write the part of my children's novel manuscript, that up until now has eluded me. All the research I did over the summer has finally digested and I feel the story coming on. The combination of the conversations on CC last week and my creative juices bubbling reached a crucial convergence.

At least that's what the voices in my head are telling me as I post this. ;)

see you when I'm done!
photo credit is unknown but I will gladly credit it to the it's creator if anyone knows.


  1. Good luck, and good for you.

    And I adore that quote.

  2. thx, jacqui! (ps why do i want to pronounce you like jackAY?)

  3. Yes, listen to those inner voices. (They don't necessarily mean you're crazy.) Keep writing and best of luck.

  4. Always listen to the voices in your head......LOL

  5. usually...when i do, things turn out for the best...


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