Friday, October 16, 2009

Holy smokestacks of mom blogging controversy

The venerable Liz Hum of may have finally and appropriately settled the uproar.

My take on what has been going on at Creative Construction this week is that the reason we are even there is to figure out amongst ourselves how to negotiate our way through our lives and live them creatively as well as in the process maybe inspire, or console or give each other tips on how to do so when some of us may otherwise be pulling out our hair in a moment of drudgerous mayhem. And maybe together, we can find our way closer to the joys that feed us from our children, to our partners, to our arts. I like to think of us as a matriarchal tribe, who rather than beating our laundry out on rocks together by a river, are conversing on the internet because that is how we do it in the 21st Century. This is how we commiserate, negotiate, commune, get it off our chest, so that we can move forward.

After all, that's life. Saaaaan-yo!


  1. I think it wasn't so much an uproar as each of us needing to ask ourselves "What on the internet fulfills me and what distracts me?" Be honest, cut out the distraction and become more creative and productive as a result.

    The "feathers get ruffled" when people either take a comment personally or assume what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

    I think everyone has to answer that question for themselves. For some of us, it means blogging less, for some it means limiting facebook or perhaps putting a filter on all the blogs we try to read in a day.

    Or maybe it means telling your kids to go play for an hour instead of trying to engage them 24/7.

    Maybe it's to stop playing Bejeweled or Farkle.

    Or maybe it's to read one book a month instead of three.

    It's up to each of us individually, but the internet is a very addictive and wasteful place as well as an awesome tool.

  2. agreed. and the uproar was less in the comment thread over there yesterday than in attendendant emails, and seems to have died down after the suggestion to read your blog. and mostly my title here is a said lovingly and laughingly.


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