Tuesday, July 7, 2009

take a moment

I must confess, now that my boys are visiting with their dad for a very long month for me, I went looking at my ex's blog to see if he posted pics of them yet. Instead, I found this. What an amazing array of artists. What a beautiful version of Lou Reed's Perfect Day.
And just for fun, if I can't sing like Emmylou Harris, I.must.have.her.hair.


  1. Brilliant. That's what music should do for us.

    But how did you get there Googling your ex? Did you used to be married to Huey from Fun Lovin Criminals?? :)

  2. haha! no, but he stroll right up my old bad boy alley! my son k showed me something funny on his blog a long time ago. so every once in a while, esp when he has the boys, i go looking with some configuration that approximates from my dim bulb memory.

    silly me forgot i pre-posted this earlier in the week. but i have been playing it over and over and singing very loudly at least until my mil reutrned home from her am adventures.

    and another funny: i emailed a completely inappropriate humor thing re: michael jackson and hitler to him and it popped up on his blog today. a little twilight zone, don't you think? esp since mostly we email about logistics re: boys.


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