Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July harvest

The morning of the fourth was very quiet without S's usually Saturday am Godzilla session going in the background of my coffee session. Until the boys visit their dad, I forget the value of quiet. Even when he's not watching tv, S is generally making noise of some kind from around six am til nine pm everyday. I mean, I miss it greatly all the time, rather frequently call out for it, but forget just how calm and centered it makes me to start my day with quiet.

So, C and I got up, cleaned up, and went out to water and harvest the gardens. I found a load of green beans hiding under the leaves and one slightly rabbit chewed tomato. A few grape toms were ready, and I accidently knocked a green one off. While I was shooting these, a little thiefly hand snuck in and plopped the green one into her mouth quick as a blink.

Here's the little Dillinger dressed for the day's festivities.

And this was only the beginning. How was your Fourth?

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