Friday, July 10, 2009

One Lovely Blog

Kelly Warren down in The Happy Shack

has bestowed me with the honor of "One Lovely Blog." Big thanks to Kelly! Love going right back to you! There is a little catch to this One Lovely Blog, in that once the award has been given, you must tell seven unknown things about you. So I will see what I can dredge up that is of the slightest interest. Let's see:

1. When I was about 17, my pediatrician asked if I had anymore questions, and I responded with "Actually, yes - why are my toes so short?" whereupon he noticed what never occured to him in the prior 17 years of being my doctor - I am missing the middle bone on all my toes. He then bestowed another title on me - The Evolutionary Link.

2. Since I am having a moment here as I write this, I have a hitherto unrealized passion for blackberry jam. I have blogged slightly about it before
but right now, I'm realizing just what a sensational experience blackberry jam is: tangy earthy scent, deep purple velvet by sight and on my tongue, crispy light wheat toast to balance the smooth - ahhh, a true pleasure of the morning. It's really all fruit, seedless variety, no sugar added. I swear, it brings me closer to the Great Spirit. How can there not be something bigger than than this one life, when something like blackberry jam exists? There must be a Supreme Being!

3. I live by hyperbole and exaggeration. The above is a case in point, as are regular conversations that proceed thusly: "Mom, you have not asked me to unload the dishwasher for the 47th time. You asked me twice." "Ah, so you were listening!"

4. I have mentioned it elsewhere, but I don't think I've mentioned it here: I break out in random tap dancing in my kitchen on a fairly regular basis. This is an excellent way to relieve boredom, entertain the younger kids, and embarrass the eldest, particularly when he has friends over. Random tap dancing is also an excellent way to get out of an awkward social moment. Just said something that devolved into awkward silence? Shuffle-ball-change your way out of it.

5. While I try very hard to eat fresh healthy foods, and actually enjoy doing so, I have a terrible weakness for ice cream, gobby, gloppy, nutty, swirlie-ribboned with fudge and caramel, on a cone. Simply luscious.

6. My husband and I have several pre-meeting coincidences including this: my first wedding took place in Boston Public Garden on the corner where Cheers was having its Final Episode celebration. Ocktoberfest was in swing on the Boston Commons, loudspeakers of which we were previously assured would not interfere with the wedding, which they did. Well, this was about twelve years before I met Honey, who worked in entertainment setting up staging, and was working the Cheers gig when he looked over and said, "What kind of idiot a*holes would get married here, today?" And now he's married to one of those idiots himself.

7. While I have oft professed my hatred of all things pink, especially frilly or flouncy, I absolutely love peonies, which is about the pinkest, frilliest, flounciest thing on earth.

There. Maybe you've discovered that I'm at least a bit silly, if you didn't already know that. Another aspect of receiving this award is passing it to others. Some of my favorite bloggy women have already been tapped for this one, but, the the fact that I want to do so, too, just shows how good their blogs are, and maybe I'll get to know a little more about them, too.

1. Jacqui always makes me laugh and she just published her new book on friendship for young readers this week! Pop by Jacqui's Room, where everyone is welcome.

2. Kate Hopper has opened a fantastic discussion recently on the trials and tribulations of ending nursing. She really has a way of capturing what what matters.

3. Liz Hum is never afraid to tell you exactly what she thinks and inventively, too. Even when she's on a rant, you can laugh along with her about it.

4. Mary Germanotta Duquette is likewise never afraid to plumb the depths of human nature and emotion through revealing her own, and she does so very beautifully.

5. Elizabeth Beck is always happy and colorful and artful and fun. What more can I say? Go see for yourself. Feed her fish while you're there, too.

6. Brittany captures the essence of mothering two little boys and rescued westies while trying to write and keep her sanity while also rennovating her house.

7. Jennifer Johnson's is a real family blog and she makes beautiful fun jewelry, too. The love of her children is evident, even in her most honest moments of less than ideal mothering that we all go through. As wonderful a mom as she is, she let's us all know, there's no such thing as perfection. Perfection would be boring, anyway, right?

Thanks, again, Kelly, you deserve the One Lovely Blog Award yourself.


  1. Aw, thanks! Now, to think of some things I didn't already blather about!

  2. Shucks, thanks so much! Really enjoyed the "Unknowns" you shared -- I'll have to think on what I should post about! Your blog is indeed lovely, and it's sweet of you to pass this along and say such kind things about my blog.

  3. Cath, thank you! And now whenever I think of you, I'll think of you tap dancing. I love that you do that!

  4. lol! thanks, kate...i didn't say i was good at tap dancing, which makes it even more fun.


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