Sunday, November 22, 2009

nutshell week

1. Boys' good report cards for first quarter, actually excellent, make me somewhat giddy as a mom.

2. Looks like autumn. almost feels like autumn, the leaves are falling and it's beautiful. I wore sweaters and jackets.

3. 19k. Not the goal for the end of the week, but I'm still writing it.

4. More medical. My family is supporting the industry well into the new year, too.

5. Lack of sleep intensified. Baby C is a true night owl. It is reasonable to assume some people are just born that way. I am not one of them, though I have posed as such in my earlier incarnation as someone without children.

6. S is a good guy, not just because he hugs more often and deeply than anyone I know, but I'm noticing he is finding his own ways to relate to us and others. Case in point: I've been writing so much lately, he sat at Honey's laptop next to me to "pretend to write a newspaper article for the Daily Moon, a parody of the Daily Planet, get it? Ninja Boy stops bank robbery...on [honey's] laptop - off of course." clickety-clickety click

7. Hungry and church are not an optimal combination - especially when you go in for first service because you're teaching for second service and there's a meeting after that. Make note to self to eat breakfast on Sunday morning.

8. Baby C meows at cats on tv.

9. I can talk with K like I'm an adult in my own right, not just his mother.

10. For the week ahead, a funny take on the difficult aspects of our history.


  1. a reminder that we always keep learning, and every week has good and bad... thank you

  2. well, thanks, i'm glad you found something in it, as i was just plum out of ideas but felt badly that my blogging has been thin lately.

  3. Yay for #3! love #8 and #9 especially. And I *totally* get #7. nice to see what you've been up to!

  4. lol! thanks. nice to see i'm not the only one going to church hungry and too involved...


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