Tuesday, November 3, 2009


sick kids
sick me, still
sound like Harvey Fierstein
trick or treating yes
writing new book yes
editing old book no
re-reading enjoyable book: The Secret Life of Bees
reconfirming it is an important book,
and should be read, don't think movie did it justice
snuggling fever toddler
home from cancelled appointment with rheumatologist
after driving all the way up there, hither and yon.
should start today's writing session,
but everyone is home because it's Election Day
and S has started slagging and coughing, too
glad all kids have pediatric appointment tomorrow
it's going to be a long day
where are those old gameboys?

voted, please vote, too.


  1. i LOVE the secret life of bees. i agree the movie didn't do it justice, but i liked the movie just the same.

    these bugs are just hanging on, aren't they? i STILL haven't kicked what i came home with from that leadership retreat in mid-september. i'm currently treating it with chocolate. :-) hope everyone is better soon.

  2. i enjoyed the movie, but it left out a lot i felt was key in the novel. and reading it again, confirms that fro me.

    thanks for well wishes, kelly, some headed your way, too!


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