Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

This year, in looking back to consider my blessings, I have to say, I am pretty grateful for a lot. I am grateful that both of my parents are still with us. We had a couple of moments we weren't too certain of that and as they age, it increasingly looms on the horizon, not nearly as distant as it used to be. Not that they are particularly old or infirm, but you know, the thought is now present when not so long ago, it wasn't.

I am grateful for the beauty I continually find in each of my days, in nature and in the randomness that is everything. I am grateful for a sense of wonder.

I am grateful that I took conscious steps to write more and more completely than I've written in any prior year. This makes me further grateful to my friends at Studio Mothers. Through their support, I completed one novel's first draft and started a second companion novel, wrote many poems and essays, branched out back into visual arts and started this blog.

I am grateful for connecting with new friends and reconnecting with old ones or making better friends with former acquaintances. Back to wonder: the wonder of the internet.

I am grateful for my children and the joy and aggravation they bring everyday. If not for the lows, would the highs be so good? ;) I am grateful that each brings their own miraculous selves to the table.

I am grateful for and to Honey and the home and life we share.

Happy Thanksgiving. May yours be spent with people you love, and lots of pie to share.


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