Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I wouldn't trade him for anything

Okay, so sometimes (read often) Captain Comic can be ....a challenge.  But then he comes home from school grinning from ear to ear and tells me to guess what kind of day he had. When I reply, looks like a 20,  he jumps for joy and displays pride in this accomplishment rather like when Shaun White won the gold and did the double mactwisty 1260 whatyacallit, just because he could.

Or something like the following happens:

I got a call from my mother yesterday, proposing she and Papa come visit next week along with my 20 year old niece who Captain Comic adores and who will be on Spring Break.  Now that's the kind of young woman she is.  She would rather travel 12 hours in a car with her grandparents to come visit her younger cousins than go to Cancun or Ft. Lauderdale with debauching the crowds.

Anyway, he was so excited, I said why don't you call them to let them know how excited you are?  Whereupon, he grabbed my cell, called Libberon and screamed in her ear,

"I'm so excited, my heart explodes with joy!!!!!"

Tell me, is there anything better than that? 


  1. Nope. Nothing better. Sometimes I think it's the harder times that make the good ones so sweet.

  2. there is that, but boy, when this kid is enthused, he skyrockets.

  3. :) I've been telling all my friends about that phone call!
    CanNOT wait to see you guys :)

  4. He's not the only one who is excited about your visit, lib!


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