Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Back to the book

I have received excellent notes from someone in a position to discuss observatories in a way that I need to fill the hole in my manuscript.  For this, I am extremely thankful, and feeling the impetus to write that one hole in the book.

I basically have not been able or free to write or edit in the manuscript since the retreat in January and the surgery in February.  The fact that my toddler is way too busy now at times when other than her, I have the house to myself, and therefore should have no distractions...  Yeah, right, that's a good one! 

So much for writing during morning naps.  Buh-bye!  Actually that was gone about six months ago.

Then, two other things put a kink into the process:  My mother-in-law started a diet support group with her exercise buddies on the same day as my critique group; and my critique group bumped the timeslot from 12-2pm to 10-12pm.  Same time as her regular exercise classes she has committed herself to for over three years now.

This prompted me to start seeking inexpensive daycare services to try to cover Toots for at least two half-days a week, so I would have time to write and time twice per month for the critique group.    She turns 2 on April 1.  All the basic church basement type preschools in the area start at 2.5 years.  Otherwise, it's parent accompanied playgroups.  I felt really SOL.  But I have committed to putting my writing on the map.  Think, think, think.

So I got a message late Sunday night to request a change for this week's group meeting to Thursday from the usual Tuesday meeting. And it was to be a writing rather than a critique meeting. I was half-ecstatic.  Only half, because while it did not conflict with my mil's diet group, it did conflict with her usual exercise classes. 

Yesterday morning, I shored myself up and asked if she would mind watching Toots on Thursday morning instead of going to her class. 

Not that she typically says no, but it's not like I typically feel I can ask, because I want to respect what is important to her.  She said sure. 

Maybe a week by week check-in is what it will take to get my writing on the chart, to coordinate around a household of six including toddler.  At least for now.  And in six months, maybe I can start her in a regular preschool, if we can figure it into the non-existent part of the budget.

Baby steps.  For now, I will write, in the committed company of other writers on Thursday for two hours.  That is two hours of writing I did not have before.  One week at a time.


  1. oh it's so hard finding the time, it really is so I totally understand your frustrations... like you say, baby steps and every sentence you write is a sentence nearer the end!

  2. thanks for being so supportive, alana.


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