Thursday, April 7, 2011

one thought

With Spring Break and a staycation with all three kids with me all day for several straight whom I love and do love to spend time with and everything but honestly with all of them, it can get rough when there's no standard schedule, you know the one that's in place when school is in session, and anyway the thought I had was I will never be able to write. Therefore genius me took writing off the table altogether for the week, no matter how much I want to finishing editing my book and get it out to publishers, and I really wanted to finish that before the end of last month, and I still need to do more than half, and it was going really well, and I really, really, really do want to edit and write and start the next book and it's sitting in Nanowrimo form, horrendously so, but the basic gist is there, and I really want to start that one over and then I have another one, make that two quite possibly three in viable starts, and well, as much as I love and need to write, this week, nope. I'm not even going to think about. hahaha.

So I accomplished tons of baking and organizing my kitchen and got the kids outside to the beach and DQ then I baked some more because of the rainy day, and then we went to the mall, and basically, I've been enjoying just being Mom and not writerslashmotherslashtutorslashsuperwoman. I spent time with them. I focussed on them. I listened to the whines, the arguments, the begging, the laughter, etc. We've watched movies and just hung out.

Now let's see if I can do this for writing next week when they're back in school....because, you know what? I may not be focusing on it, but it's still there - a timid little knock on the back door of my mind when I hear birdsong, laughter, during moments when the kids are not talking, just eating all the cookies I baked, or when the sun sparkles off one of their heads as they eat ice cream at DQ, and those moments of  voice linger somewhere behind a song on the radio in the car while Captain Comic is yelling from the back of the van for me to not sing along, it's killing him. really, mom, KILLING ME. I can't take it! and Mr. Cynic is yelling from the passenger seat for Captain Comic to just. shut. up. so he can hear the song. and Toots is saying, Yook! I see a Stop sign! It's wight there. Or when I see the red flash of a cardinal couple flitting, collecting supplies to build their nest. Or when Toots helped me to plant and water the peas. And the little sprouts are just coming up, and life is good. The world is beautiful, go out in it. Get some dirt under your nails, taste the sunlight.

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