Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Yesterday was full of milestones.

In the morning, five minutes prior to Toots's 9:30am clockwork diaper change, I was proudly presented with two handfuls of poop.  Time to start potty training in earnest.

I know, I swore I wouldn't poop post, but she's two!  It's all about poop these days!

Last night, my little darling ran around repeating, "Is evwone a weady a WOCK?!"

Translation:  Is Everyone ready to ROCK?!

When she got an appropriate response, of "I'm ready to rock!" or "Rocknroll!" she replied, as if she were the recently departed Ronnie James Dio.

"Okay then! LET'S ROCK!!!"  Though she doesn't quite have the maloika down just yet.

Captain Comic had a nice one, too.  When he saw Toots stirring from her nap, he gently uncovered her, said sweetly, "Did you have a good nap?  Want to see Mommy?"  And even though, she was slightly thrown by who was waking her, she let him carry her to where I was sitting.  And he did a nice job of that, too. 

There's hope for his gentility, yet.  ;)

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