Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love and all that

I'm a bit late on the Valentine's Day madness here, but at home we've been keeping up.  Just a few things on love:

a lot of the marketing push for this day bugs the crap out of me but

A little romanticism goes a long way with me.  A hug, a kiss, a wink across the dinner table.  It's all good.  I'm lucky, I've got someone to have that with.  I realize how lucky I am that he wants to have anything to do with a pain in the butt like me.

Captain Comic reluctantly signed and assembled many Valentines to hand out at school, pretty independently, too.  I didn't know this until later, but Honey also picked up a nice little box of chocolates for his teacher, too.  She's been very good to Captain Comic and very open to learning about him and from him for her other students down the pipe.  They've been working together, learning together for over two years now.  How thoughtful of Honey to show our appreciation, and Captain Comic's, too.

Mr. Cynic is on his first really real true and official date with his girlfriend he's been 'going out with' for a couple of months.  You know, they see each other in school, he asked her out.  They sit at tables in the cafeteria next to each other and after he's done eating with his friends, he turns his chair around to sit with her and her friends.  Going Out.  And they hang out on periodic Friday nights together at the local teen skate night at the ice rink. Their friends are there, too.

But her mom just came to pick him up to chaperone them at Ruby Tuesday's.  I had thrust myself to meet his gf at the rink one night prior.  But her mom was, with good reason as the mom of a teen girl, trepidacious about getting to know Mr. Cynic.  I assured her he was a good guy, nevermind the long hair, that's my fault, wanted to get him to the stylist before my surgery, and still not quite up for it, but he's a good guy.  The gf was much more talkative in our driveway than at the rink, and Captain Comic popped out like he was on a pogo stick to check out what was going on and to say, "Hi.  I'm his brother.  Okay, bye."  and he bounced away.

So Mr. Cynic tried to hide the rose and chocolates behind his back, and she said, yea, I saw them, you're lousy at hiding them, and everything.  Two teens obsessed with anime and all things on the darker side of teendom rode off into the sunset on the early side in the back seat of her mother's hatchback. 

Life is good.  Love is good.  If you have a good love, lucky you.  If you don't, take a chance on it, walk through the door and open yourself to possibility of the wonder of another person to connect with on a meaningful level.  If you don't, you'll never know what you're missing. 

And if you did, and it broke your heart, it's okay, really. Your heart may be bruised, beaten and is still beating or you wouldn't be reading this.  So dare to take a chance again.  Miracles can happen from just taking the chance.

Believe me.  I know.  I wouldn't lie to you.  I woke up to a toddler telling me she loved me and wishing her grandmother far away a happy Valentine's Day over the phone.  She's living proof of what second chances can bring.


  1. beautiful post, cath. hope you had a lovely day.

  2. thanks, ladies! and happy valentine's day to you!

  3. "two teens obsessed with anime and all things on the darker side of teendom rode off into the sunset on the early side in the back seat of her mother's hatchback" is lovely, lovely, lovely.

  4. thank you! happy valentine's day, jacqui and family!

  5. although, i just noticed the unctuaton problem around that line, so fixing now!


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