Friday, February 26, 2010

It's official

This little blog o' mine has been visited from every continent.

I wave to the scientist in Antarctica in the hopes that I amused them as an alternative to freezing to death in a sea of white. I wonder if they were in Antarctica for penguin reseach.  I love penguins.  Who doesn't?

I particularly like that I have been visited from Brazil, Chile, Venuzuela, and Uruguay and Argentina.  I wrote a report on Uraguay in 6th grade Social Studies class. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Hungary, Poland.  I used to have a thing for Russian authors and poets.  Briefly dated a guy from Belarus. Of course I am excited about Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland, homes to some of my ancestors; as well as France, Japan, Korea, Germany and India and the Czech Republic.  Even China, though it seems they were searching for porn last week when they came across my post about my cat being sick with the title Furry Girl.  

But maybe I should have left that bit out.  This is after all, mostly a child-friendly family site.

I've also been visited form across Canada.  Don't want to leave them out, especially during the Olympics in Vancouver.  I've been enjoying them so much. 

I've been very excited to see visitors from South Africa, Nigeria, and the Ivory Coast.

I am also usually surprised everyday to find people visiting from all over the United States, not just where people I know or virtually know live. 

And I can't possibly leave out Australia and New Zealand.  I've had visits from across Australia, and even from South Pacific Islands like Micronesia, and across Indonesia, Malaysia, Viet Nam, Cambodia and even Nepal.

It's exciting to see where my little pictures and words about writing and my family are being seen.

Thank you all for visiting.  I hope something I say is useful in your lives.

A few posts from now will be my 200th.

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