Thursday, January 28, 2010

Seek and ye shall find.

For this post, I was drawing blanks.  Each thought I had shot forth from my brain like I was out clay pigeon shooting, and having terrible aim.  I yelled, "Pull!"  and fired, and two things would sail quickly through the air away from me, and somewhat toward each other, arch, miss completely, and drop dead to the ground.  The clay pigeons fell with a thud and a puff of dust. The bullets lay listless in the dirt. There was nothing left to salvage.  Figuratively speaking, of course.

Not that I have ever been clay pigeon shooting.  But I have watched it on tv.  That's right.  That's about as exciting as it gets around here.  I like watching Dog Shows, too.  Although, I have fired a gun and target shot at antique colored glass pharmaceutical bottles in the woods in Vermont.  Oh to be fourteen and that stupid again.  I should have kept them, they were very pretty, and sold them on ebay.  But there was no ebay back then, or the internet.  It was the dark ages, between Lynyrd Skynard and the B-52s, at a vinyl speed of 38rpms.

So, because it's a half day of school, for the rest of the week - more on that later -a Certain Someone kept wandering over and asking if he could use the computer now to (this is where I tune him out because it's something long and involved and involves giant monsters, most likely, or funny cats, and he's told me the particulars or something like them so many times I feel like my face is melting off when he starts again, especially when I am trying to focus on something else, like say, my own imagination and what I want to write from it because, really, this is all about me you know).  So I asked him, "What should I blog about today?"

"Write a blog about how I was inspired by the nicknames you gave [Mr. Cynic] and me on how I'm making a video mini-series called 'The Adventures of Mr. Cynic and Captain Comic' to post on,"  responded Capt. Comic.

Only problem with this is he has not actually started filming because Mr. Cynic wants absolutely nothing to do with this.  His friends might see.   This is causing great consternation and Wars of Words that are particularly virulent around when I'm making dinner and everyone's hungry and tired from a long day of school, toddlering, taekwando or bass lessons, etc.  There is much door slamming and stair stomping and MOOOO-oooooming involved, too.

Someday,the boy will be a filmic genius, I'm sure, but his brother will not be starring in the films as the villian.  That will have to remain true to life and in the house.  My house.  Probably in a couple of hours.  Yep.  I'm pretty certain of that.

So, on three days in a row of half-days:  can I just say that this is not how I wanted or expected to spend the remainder of my 'free time' *cough, sputter* before I go in for surgery on Monday. 

If it rains, I'm a goner for sure.

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