Monday, January 4, 2010

Random - or Retreat

1. It is freaking bloody cold for where I live. As much as I miss New England for so many things that come along with fall and winter, cold, and wind are not among them.

2. I kvetch. I kvetch to find solutions, not just to whine about what I do not have that I want. I kvetched to a friend about wanting desperately to go on this writers' retreat coming up. He asked me how much it would cost as I was complaining about budgetary issues. He exclaimed, "Cath, I spend more than that sitting at an oyster bar!" Two days later, a check arrived in the mail. Bless you, friend.

3. I'm going on a Writers' Retreat later this week.

4. Wednesday is my birthday. No biggie. Honey has a routine type procedure scheduled the same day. A bit of a biggie. But, I'm leaving for my Writers' Retreat the next day!

5. Did I mention I am leaving my mayhem behind and may actually get some gol-dang sleep, even if it's not in my own bed? More specifically because it won't be my own bed, with the middle of the night waking toddler wedged between Honey and me...

6. Fellow creative types, do you ever have those moments when it is completely inconvenient to have a stroke of inspiration and then you sit down an hour later to BE creative and it disappears? That's me right now. I was feeling very poetic and writerly as I got into the shower this morning. Then I sat down in front of the computer and: nothing. It must be the cold.

7. I really am concerned about my honey's procedure, though everyone is telling me it's no big deal, he'll be fine. But I'm taking it as it comes, hoping for the best, and going on my retreat because even though it's inconvenient to everything else in my life, it's the most important thing to my wellbeing right now. His mother is here, he'll be okay and so will the kids without me for a few days.

8. Toots is stuffy. Crusty nosed toddlers do not like when a tissue heads anywhere near their faces.

9. Captain Comic is back to school. Mr. Cynic is back to school. I think, in each's own way, they are happy about it. Mr. Cynic gets to see his friends and Captain Comic gets back into a regular routine.

10. I need to go find a sweater and pour another cup of hot tea. Layers, people, think layers.

11. Writers' Retreat!!!!!


  1. #6. All. the. time. Second only to the "plan a large chunk of time in which to be creative and finally get there and have not a single idea."

    Thinking of you and hubby and hoping procedure goes well.

  2. why doesn't my icon appear as following your blog. your other friends icon's appear? See, now i'm coming to you for tech support!


  3. beats me, drom, did you click on my follow me thingie?

    and why is your icon a pic from 20 years ago? you haven't smoked in over a!


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