Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tai Chi, schmai chi

Why am I not skinny yet?

Maybe it’s because my dear Honey, who I roped into the class with me, and I aren’t practicing outside of our early Saturday morning class.

Maybe it’s because after a weekend of intensive gardening, on Mother’s Day weekend, I haven’t done much else, and my back is still stiff. But stiff is still better than out, so that’s a start.

Maybe it’s the carb-loading pasta dinners with extra bread - and second helpings.

And the ice cream and chips and salsa snacks in the afternoons while folding laundry and watching Oprah.

But I really didn’t appreciate Master Ko telling us this past Saturday that it takes about two years to really get comfortable with Tai Chi. "Like tennis or golf or any other sport." he helpfully pointed out.

We’re on our third class.

Those Dexatrim commercials are beginning to look attractive…


  1. I ask myself that question every day. :-)

    Good for you for sticking with the class. Hope you start to see results soon.

  2. kristine, i will see results when i do the work, right?! i've also forsaken my walks and my yoga...

    but the gardening and toddler tossing (in a good way!) 20lbs of reverse situps and wheeeee!

  3. your tai chi classes sound like my guitar lessons. this would be why my guitar teacher calls my lessons my "once a week supervised practice". :-)

  4. i like that, think i'll keep that in mind about the tai chi, kelly!


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