Friday, May 15, 2009

And now for something completely different...

I may be a later comer to this party, but I enjoyed this immensely. And so did all three of my kids. How many things can you find that will simultaneously entertain a 14 year old cynic, a 10 year old who clearly has his own entertainment repertoire and a 13.5 month old girl?

It's also another great distraction from working on my novel.

edit: i realized after i posted this that i had promised another blogger to blog for today about the work i managed to accomplish in the manuscript yesterday. i had also promised i would finish my 2 razzafrackin last scenes, but between baby c's distinct un-desire for her am nap and my mil's return 30min after nap finally started, i managed about half of the first scene. the juggling act dropped a lot of writing balls on the floor, but i held onto a few for a while. hoping for more of same today.

Now just don't get me started on sneezing pandas!


  1. hooray for keeping some of those balls in the air -- happily, I find that most of the time the dropped ones can be picked up later.

    and lemurs are just funny. I've thought so ever since the lemur bit in MST3K: it's a big inside joke in this household.

  2. unfortunately that vid link was defunked due to copyright. but i think i vaguely recall those characters from the pre-lack of sleep haze that was my past's viewing of mst3k.

    thanks re: juggling. that's right, they can be piced up later! hoping to do so today, once squirmy girl goes out.


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