Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Land of the Lost

I've been up all night - since about 1:30am with a squirmy, not quite sleeping toddler. I'm feeling a bit lost today.

This reminds me of yesterday's Sci-Fi Channel marathon of old Land of the Lost episodes that I grew up loving.

I talked my 14yo son into watching an episode for the sheer 70s campiness of it.

the following conversation ensued:

K: Wow, 70s TV really sucked. I can't believe they actually photoshopped in the raft to a trickling stream!

DH: Photoshop had not been invented yet, kiddo.


  1. oh, land of the lost....gotta love the sci-fi channel.

  2. yep. not that i could even bear the theme song from the kitchen these days...

  3. ROFL! That is too funny. My hubby is a big lotl fan and keeps threatening to introduce it to the kids...

    hope you get some sleep, soon!!!

  4. jen, i sure enjoyed it until i was about 9 or 10. although much younger than that and the slestaks were really scary, eventhough i had a crush on the creature from the black lagoon. he was so misunderstood.


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