Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Here's 2000

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then here's 2000.

Opportunistic tendencies are not just for dogs:

This is what happens when you have rescued pets. In the interest of full disclosure, the cat was a well-tended bottle-fed rescue, so she's just being greedy. She's 13. I've had her longer than two of my kids, the dog, and even the husband.

Too bad I missed the shot of the dog licking spilled yogurt off Baby C's toes.

This is posted in the vein of if you have nothing to say, better to keep your mouth shut.


  1. awww! we have two rescued kitties too. They are the best, in spite of their flaws!

  2. that's great, jen. i'm all for rescues over puppy mills or expensive breeders ...even if i watch the Best in Shows the way some guys watch the Superbowl...

    all the best cats are rescues or raised at home and given to good families. we had a ton of kittens when we were kids. that poor cat.


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