Tuesday, October 12, 2010

nature walk in suburbia

We live by a little fingerlake.  My subdivision wraps around it.  When I walk the dog, and usually Toots, around the neighborhood, we stop and sit on the bench lakeside for a few minutes to rest and watch the ducks, geese, turtles and occasionally, a great blue heron or egret. Once or twice, I've even spotted a river otter here.

Along the walk, I am always cognizant of where we are in the season. After four years, I am still growing accustomed to the differences here in Virginia from New England.  For instance, if I were in Massachusetts right now, I would likely not be wearing shorts and a t-shirt.  I would not have just sent Toots off to preschool in the same, no jacket or sweater.

By now, the leaves are at or just past peak color in their fiery glory up north.  But here, the colors are in an earlier phase of turning.  The colors are subtler.  And many leaves are already gone, especially from my birches because of the super hot and droughtful summer.

Take a look at some of the sightings I made around the neighborhood yesterday. They made my heart jump a little.

just a smidge of color

Toots asked, "Ooo, berries!  Can I eat them?"
I had to tell her these were just for the birds.

pretty hanging branch even if the background isn't bucolic

palest lavender chammomile in the grass

I love Toots backlit.
She was running to offer me a little chammomile bloom.

Our little walks give me a sense of presence and meditation, even while Lucy tugs the leash to chase something or Toots is running to find trouble a bit too far out of easy curtailing range.  They make me happy.  And though I did not get a picture of the geese yesterday (believe me, I've taken plenty already), something about watching them scoot along the water's relatively still surface, their wakes broadening behind them, really sets my mind at ease. 

All is well for the moment.


  1. Lovely. And, yes. It's cold here. Cold. And the leaves are changing rapidly, as we speak.

    It looks beautiful where you are. And I love your little beauty! :)


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