Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Excerpts

After dressing her, I say to Toots, "C'mon, let's go find your shoes."
Toots bends over at the top of the stairs and calls out, "Shooo-oooes!  Where are yoooooou?" repeatedly. 
Honey says, "They won't come running without your feet in them."

On the way home from church, I ask Mr. Cynic, who has an eye appointment coming up, if he'd like to go for a funkier, more rockinroller frame than his current basic rectangular wire-rim. He answers, "Yea, um we were talking about that today and decided that they're a lot dryer and pretty dull than ...."

What?  OH! He thought I was asking about his classes in the youth group because I'm one of the 'teachers' and a lesson plan was lying on his lap for the ride home.

Captain Comic has taken to walking around giggling and giggling harder as he goes.   He's been watching funny cat videos on youtube. They replay behind his eyes when he's away from the computer.  All he has to do is think 'funny cat video' and he's off watching repeats and giggling himself silly. 

I hope this is limited to home.  They might just decide to commit him if he does this at school. 

Speaking of Captain Comic, Friday night was spent in the ER with him over what I thought was an infected broken pencil tip in his palm, but it turned out to be a wart.  It is now known as The Hundred Dollar Wart.  I am really beginning to dislike this insurance phone triage.  They insist I take my kids to the ER over every little thing rather than go to an urgent care place for half the co-pay.  The nurse was certain by what I told her that he needed IV antibiotics. 

Saturday, we took Captain Comic and Toots to Deer Park for the first time.  Toots was a hoot on the slides and kept running around saying, "Look, Mommy! I running! I running!  I running!" 

Captain Comic made a good go of playing with some other kids there.  I asked the dad if he was being alright when I noticed the kids were looking at him a little funny and I was a bit away from what was happening.  By the time I approached, Capt. Comic had moved along, and I mentioned I just wanted to check in because he's a little different.  The dad was great and said, "hey, aren't we all a little different?"

Thanks Man at Deer Park with the fun crew of kids.  Sometimes I need to be reminded.


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