Friday, January 15, 2010

Crash and randoms for Friday

I think I may have overdone it at the writers' retreat. I haven't written anything else in the book all week since.

Toots has been Sleeping through the night since I left last Thursday morning, and in her crib. Two miracles in my book. Previously she was still waking to nurse during the night. I mentioned something about being grateful that she is sleeping through the night now and lo and behold:

Last night she wouldn't sleep until 11pm and then was solidly awake from 2:30-5:30am. Wanted to party and dance with the two giant slugs in bed with her: Mommy and Daddy."Hi Daddy! Hi Daddy! Hi Daddy! Mom-Mom-mommy!" is not nearly as cute at 4am as 4 pm.

Lord have mercy upon my sleep deprived soul. Goddess have mercy. Somebody out there, please help this girl sleep before I die from sleep deprivation before she reaches kindergarten.

I'm kidding. I won't die from it. I am a lifetime practitioner of the science of sleep deprivation, and so are all my kids. But a few nights of sleep at the retreat and a few nights of it at home all in a row made me realize what I've been missing all this time.

Mr. Cynic is a pretty good sleeper now. But he's a teen. It was bound to happen.

Speaking of Mr. Cynic, I wish I could recall what was so funny one night this week, but I said it and he and I both absolutely collapsed in laughter. It's good to laugh with your teen; they don't seem to resent your existence on earth nearly so much.

Captain Comic's quote of the week comes to us from last night's dinner table conversation.

"Mom? Is 'Egad!' French for 'Oh no!'?"

Please forgive my punctuation above, I am very sleep deprived and punctuationally flummoxed.

Enjoy your weekend. I have a haircut scheduled with my new cutie pie stylist, who is way too young, and I'm way too married, and he's also way too engaged...but a girl can look, right? Especially when his tight black t-shirt clad bicep is flexing 2 inches from eyes. That's right, I found the one straight male stylist in a 2000 mile radius. And he's a magician with a razor. Nobody seems to want to cut hair with a razor anymore, and that's exactly what works best for my wave.

Toots has been invited to her first birthday party.

I really want to take down my Christmas decorations. Really I do. But I think I'd rather spend the weekend in bed, doing the most thrilling thing to me in the world as I write this: sleeping - or cuddling with Honey who has been terribly sick this week and is feeling much better.

I guess I'll see what happens.

And most of all I am thinking of the people of Haiti.


  1., he really isn't. trust me.

  2. I want to write a book called "Punctuationally Flummoxed."

    I hate sleep deprivation. For me, it's always tied in with this fear that I will NEVER SLEEP WELL AGAIN.

  3. thank you, jacqui, i liked it as soon as i thought it.

    and i have only gone through rare periods in my life when sleep dep has not been an issue, therefore, when it is compounded by other people night waking, i get really pathetic and grumpy.

  4. sleep well - isn't weird how we can manage with little or no sleep, but as soon as we get some, and then loose it again, we can't cope?

  5. oh....i think i just miss it more, i definitely haven't been functionally at a level i expect myself to for a very long time...

    but yes, there is a hint of that weeping ball just under my surface...


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