Wednesday, January 19, 2011

clean desk

When I finally felt better, and had the house to myself for Tuesday morning, I was going to write, but I did this instead:

There's no before picture, I didn't think about showing that to the world at large. I should try to describe the sea of papers and household effluvia from blocks and legos to totally random single playing card - queen of spades, I decided to keep her because of this. I figured I needed a reminder from time to time that I am one of those women.

Anyway, the mess was taller than the tape dispenser on one side and where the name book is standing up, it was about half way up the hard drive - a completely nonsensical pile that went all the way back to last spring, with a class autograph book from Captain Comic's elementary school.  The pile buried the adding machine, half the lamp stand and ramped down toward the keyboard.  Things slipped off and into my mouse constantly. Yes, I keep my mouse on the left side. I am lefthanded. It works better this way.

See all that brown surface? Nonexistent.

So now I can spread out my manuscript critique copies to the right and work on them, I hope. Minus continual interruptions...

On another note - at the writing retreat, one friend and I decided to meet every Tuesday morning to write. I was in a brain fog, sick as I was when we discussed it, and forgot that this first Tuesday was out because she had another meeting. I think that's how I managed to clean my desk instead, I had allotted the time to writing elsewhere.

So because I was home when I expected to be out, I didn't quite know how to start here instead, then the mess just made me crazy. There was no where to put my stuff with all the kid crap and junkmail, etc all over.

I think that says a lot about how I am present in my life. Even when I say, "No more crap on my desk!" It happens anyway.

Even when I say, "No this is MY time!" I do for other anyway.

Cleaning my desk was a good reminder to take care of my own priority, too.

No wonder it has taken so long to write this dang book!


  1. Yay! It looks wonderful. Mine is already cluttered again, but I promise I won't let it get as bad as it was. I wish we had your "before" pictures here.

  2. thanks, kate! i must have been somwewhat inpsired by your post!


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