Monday, August 1, 2011


I can't rush writing, especially editing.

I managed to accomplish the exact same amount as I averaged prior to last week's nose to the grindstone post. It was an ineffective way for me to work. I painfully edited one chapter, and less painfully edited a much longer chapter in two long sessions last week.

Today, I decided at the last minute to work at home and read through what I currently have, remove glaring repeats and other flaws, just a little tightening here and there. Mostly I needed to read through the manuscript for the sake of catching myself up and making sure I continue appropriately tomorrow. My mind is muddled with former rewritten details, so that I don't know exactly what I have in this draft or if I removed something, oh say, three drafts ago, and am still referring to it in this one. That would be bad.

So far, in a couple of hours this morning, I've read through the first quarter. I like it better than the last draft, and am having some good edit sparks along the way. Enter ye olde highlight and back space function.

Now I know why I wrote poetry and short stories for the past twenty-five years. This longer stuff is a pain in tuckus. But I like it. Figures.

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