Wednesday, August 25, 2010

not to be outdone... the previous two sleepless nights, last night's adventures included:

Babette the ghetto queen, luxurious long haired tabby, who slept on my bed for 14 years, but who in recent months has decided her preferred sleeping arrangement is on the driveway under my van, came back. Walked around.  Licked my face. Purred in my ear.  Walked on my head.  Walked on Honey's belly.  Stuck her paw in my mouth.

Then long about 5am, while I was enjoying a rather surreal dream, she dumped my glass of water right on my face.

When did she acquire thumbs?


  1. lol! i love the kitty friends at night. paw in the mouth i could do without. i do remember being wapped on the head with a paw a few times.

  2. thanks, catherine! i know i am not alone.


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